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The Cathedral of Naples and The Treasure of Saint Januarius

Discovering a city means finding out about its history and its most illustrious characters. Saint Januarius is one of the most important symbols of Naples especially because of the famous miracle of liquefaction of his blood.
The first historical account of the ampoules containing the saint's blood is recorded by a medieval chronicler which, in the year 1389, stunnedly records for the first time the singular blood liquefaction phenomenon, which is still happening to this day. Three times a year, the ampoule is shown by the Archbishop of Naples to the faithful; the three dates are anniversaries calling back 3 historical moments which link the relics to the Neapolitan people. During these days the prodigy, or rather the miracle of the blood liquefaction happens.
The Saint Januarius cult is hosted by the Cathedral of Naples, which stands majestically between the upper decumanus, via Anticaglia and via Tribunali. Next to the Cathedral is the Museum of the Treasure of Saint Januarius, occupying more than 700sqm and exhibiting works never previously shown to the public: jewels, statues, busts, precious cloths and incredible paintings and also the necklace and holy miter of the saint.
Just with a 6 minute walk from the hotel, you can see the heartfelt testimony of the relationship between Neapolitan people and their saint.

Photo Credits: Maria Bobrova