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San Gregorio Armeno is an unmissable stop for people coming to Naples!
Starting from Palazzo Caracciolo, a walking route which allows you to see many street art pieces (including the one from Bansky) and brings you to the artisan shops selling the traditional Neapolitan nativity scenes.
San Gregorio Armeno always feels like Christmas in every season, decorations and the handcrafted shepherds from the nativity scenes change every year while keeping true to the artisanal tradition.
San Gregorio Armeno is an ancient and narrow street, first built in the greco-Roman age. It's sandwitched between the two Roman decumans, via dei Tribunali and via Spaccanapoli which  the street intersects perpendicularly.
Also known as via San Liguoro and as Strada Nostriana (from the name of the bishop Nostriano), the street in the Roman times housed the temple of Ceres, goddess of earth and fertility. The Roman tradition was for citizens to donate small terracotta figurines to the temple for good omen.
A street rich with history and culture which communicates perfectly the soul and personality of the city.

Photo credits: ART Paola